Friday, April 25, 2014

I Love Going on Vacation!

I haven't missed a week of posting on my Happier at Work Blog, so even though it's late on a Friday night, I wanted to create a quick post just to say: I'm going on vacation!!

Yes, next week I probably WILL miss the first week of the year of writing a blog post because I will be enjoying spending time with family in LA and cruising with my son in Mexico! 

I have a list of articles about workplace happiness and a lot of things that I'm grateful for, so I have no shortage of material... just a shortage of time today.

I wanted to share this article from that highlights 8 habits of happy people at work, the first being: the anticipation of an upcoming vacation! Well, that was definitely true for me this week. Though I do love my job, I also have been looking forward to the week off. Today I was able to delegate, complete, and delete a bunch of todos and now with this last item off of my todo, I'm ready to close up shop and enjoy some rest and relaxation! 

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