Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I Love Our Dining Hall

When I first started working here at McKesson in the Westminster office, I'd usually bring my lunch in and eat at my desk.

Then, one day, I needed to have a meeting over the lunch hour, so I ran down to the dining hall to find out if there were any options to have a catered lunch in the conference room we were working in.

That was the day I met Brad Rossini, the Food Service Director for Eurest at McKesson at Westminster. Brad was so helpful and friendly. He was very accommodating with my request and gave us plenty of delicious options. It was then that I recognized what a superior dining hall is available to those of us who work here!

Since then, I've frequented the dining hall often and it's always a treat! There are many healthy options and a great variety of delicious entrees and salads for breakfast and lunch. And when I saw Brad again, he remembered my name and gave me a friendly hello. He really demonstrates true customer service and what a difference it can make.

Brad has gotten promoted and his last day at this site will be Friday, but I wanted to dedicate my blog post this week to telling "the world" that he and his team have definitely contributed to my workplace happiness.
Thank you, Brad, and good luck with your new position!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I Love That My Company Values Volunteerism

In all the Positive Psychology and "Happiness" articles and books I've been reading there are certain themes that contribute to happiness. One of those themes is around "giving." or volunteerism.  In fact, I've read that giving to others often is as much, if not more benefit to the giver as the receiver.

If you work at a company that values volunteerism, you may even get rewarded for your volunteer efforts. At McKesson, we are encouraged to log our volunteer hours and for every 25 hours that we log, we will earn a $250 grant for a qualified nonprofit. There are also community service events, such as a Relay for Life walk for Cancer.

This is one of many things that McKesson does that demonstrates commitment to community service. In fact, McKesson was rated the  "World's Most Admired" company in the health care industry and one of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens.

Even if your company does not sponsor any formal benefits around volunteerism, there are always opportunities in the workplace to help others.  Whether you volunteer for a specific cause or just to help your office-mate with a problem, according to the happiness books, the more you help others, the happier you'll be!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Take a Risk... Learn from those who were told they were "failures"

I found this video via another interesting Positive Psychology Site: Happify. Though Happify is not specific about Workplace Happiness, I'm learning that so much about Happiness is "universal." The lessons we learn about happiness apply whether we're at home or at work.  Hopefully, you work at a place where it is OK to fail, as long as you learn from that failure. Failures help us grow!